New study shows benefits to girls who spend more time outdoors

Are kids getting out in nature as much as they should?Does it amaze you that there needs to be so many studies done to prove that just being outside in nature is good for the mind, body and soul?

A new study released by the Girl Scout Research Institute More Than S’mores has outlined their findings to show that girls who spend more time outdoors on a regular basis surpass their peers who spend less time outdoors in environmental stewardship, readily seek more challenges and are better problem-solvers – all leadership skills that are looked upon favourably by employers.

Download the full study here.

It’s not news to us. If you are as old as the author of this blog such comments are perplexing simply because we grew up in an environment where we were told to go outside and play, and that’s where we dreamed big, encountered our first obstacles without mum and dad and learned to become friends with an environment that was as friendly as it could be harsh.

Being outside is not just a physical health issue, its a mental health issue. It helps to clear the mind and provide focus which lends to better concentration. Being able to handle yourself outside builds self esteem.

Combining being outside with a trip to some of the world’s most amazing ‘outside places’ like the Himalaya, or even mixing with hill-tribe villagers in Vietnam, is a personal development experience without par.

We don’t just think its a good idea for kids to see the world to create a better understanding of those around us, it also provides an ideal opportunity to be faced with cultural, physical and emotional challenges which helps to develop your kchilds sense of resilience, problem solving skills, ability to manage their personal stress levels.

Imagine your child having a good handle on all of these things before they even got their first job?

What do you think? Have you seen the outdoors help your child in their personal development?

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