Alyssa Azar – About to climb Mt Everest at 18 years old

Alyssa Azar and father Glen

Alyssa Azar and father Glen

Alyssa Azar – Inspiring young Australian adventurer plans to be the youngest to climb Mt Everest

There’s so much talk about how everyone, particularly young people, are becoming obese and are disconnecting with nature. Then there are people like Alyssa Azar, who really highlight how young people are also doing amazing things.

By chance the author of this post noticed her on Sunrise, an Australian breakfast television show. She is planning on becoming the youngest female in the world to climb the highest peak on earth – Mt Everest.

She’s only 18.


She’s no stranger to breakfast television, as her ‘In the media’ page on her site highlights. And this is because she is no stranger to the natural world.

At 8, she walked the Kokoda Track. She trekked to Everest Base Camp at the age of 10, her site mentions a summit of Australia’s highest peak, Mt Kosciuszko, but compared to everything else this is really just a pimple of a hill, and then at 14 she climbed Africa’s highest, Mt Kilimanjaro.

There is bound to be debate over whether she is too young and everything else that goes with parent trained young elite athletes, and I am not weighing into that (you can if you want in the comments section).

I just wanted to highlight to any young readers what you can achieve at a tender age IF you get out there and enjoy the natural world.

Sadly, a guy called Richard Louv is becoming more widely known because of ‘conditions’ that he has put forward such as ‘nature deficit disorder’, as outlined in his bestselling book the Last Child in the Woods. We believe it’s real, there are many articles sprouting up about how young kids who don’t do well at school seem to thrive and focus in the outdoors.

At World Youth Adventures we’re trying to promote bushwalking to young people through our even, the Youth4Youth Challenge. It’s one day in the bush – one day. Compare that to Alyssa’s 3 month sojourn to the rock and ice of the frigid Everest region in Nepal and you’ll realise the event is just a doddle. And it’s also for a good cause – we’re raising funds for kids who will perhaps never ever have the chance to achieve the dreams that Alyssa is realising.

Thanks for reading this post – now go run outside!

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