Vietnam Schoolies feedback & pics

Vietnam Schoolies Adventure. Ben GriffithsVietnam Alternate Schoolies trip feedback

Ben Griffiths was part of the first ever range of Schoolies Adventures for World Youth Adventures, an 8 day exploration of Vietnam.

Ben is a growing number of school leavers that are opting out of the current mainstream options of partying in places like the Gold Coast for undertaking the completely adventurous – often life changing – experience of travelling overseas by yourself or with your friends for the very first time.

On his return from an extended stay in Asia, Ben was kind enough to send in this feedback and these images of his Vietnam Schoolies Adventure. See below.

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“The Vietnam Schoolies Adventure was truly a fantastic experience, the things I saw, the things I did, and the people I met, will stay with me for a lifetime.The great thing about the trip was that while everything was organised and tailored for us, it also had a really casual feel about it, just the type of thing I needed post-HSC.

Vietnam was such an awesome place, it has it all, the culture, the people, the sights, the food (especially the food), it’s all so unique and exciting. Places like the Old Quarter in Hanoi, Halong Bay, and Hoi An, were truly incredible places, there’s nothing like it.

The choice of destinations and hotels was else something the company did excellently. I felt like the towns and destinations we visited gave us a real taste of Vietnam, and even though the trip was only a week and a half, I felt like I had seen so much. Even the hotels were ideally placed, right in the thick of it, and still great quality.

Overall, I am so glad I chose this trip over the more stereotypical places like Gold Coast or Byron. I feel like I really gained something on the trip, an appreciation of such an awesome country, that otherwise I would not have. The people I travelled with were such a fantastic group, everyone was so fun and nice, and being all the same age made the experience even better! It was really just the best thing to finish of my time at school.”

One response to “Vietnam Schoolies feedback & pics

  1. good for him.I graduated school in 1996 and only wish our generation had such things available to them instead of the queensland,bali or specially for school leavers cruises we were stuck was my high school history teacher who taught me about vietnam in the nineties that encouraged me i should see the country in person.she would be proud that i took the courage to go at least twice.

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