Just who is Nikki Bart?

Nikki Bart

Nikki Bart

Those of you in Australia, particularly NSW or Victoria, may have read the Sydney Morning Herald or The Age on the weekend and noticed one of our expert youth leaders featured in the Frequent Flyer column collated by the papers deputy editor, Lynne Whiley.

Nikki Bart was this weeks featured Frequent Flyer.  Whilst the column is short, I am sure due to space restrictions, Nikki’s exploits could easily fill a book – and she is only 26! Lynne Whiley wrote in an email to me one word to sum up Nikki – fascinating.

With Everest, the seven summits and the North Pole under her adventurers belt, Nikki’s sights are now set towards completing the adventure grand slam with a trip to the South Pole. How she fits this all in between her studies as Oxford and work as a Doctor is beyond mere mortals like myself.

With so much going on in her life we naturally feel very privileged here at World Youth Adventures that Nikki has made time in her scheduled to lead two United Youth Adventures treks for us to France and Nepal.

United Youth Adventures are a new concept in Youth Adventure Travel and one that seems to be catching on quickly. The idea is really simple, providing an overseas travel opportunity to students whose schools are not in a position to offer one themselves.

It’s amazing how many schools now take an annual trip to far-flung destinations such as Nepal, Peru or even Tanzania. But not every school is in a position to provide this experience to their students. That’s why we setup short, affordable, safe trips within school holidays where kids from around Australia – and the world – can ‘unite’ together to undertake a journey and short community project and be inspired along the way by amazing young people like Nikki Bart.

To get an idea of life on a United Youth Adventure watch our video from the 2011 trek in Nepal’s Annapurna range with James Castrission.

Nikki Bart will be leading a United Youth Adventure around Mont Blanc in France this July and a trek in Nepal in January 2013.

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