Nikki Bart is the newest leader for World Youth Adventures. Read this blog to read what an amazing outdoor career Nikki has had to date (article printed in 2008 – she has skiied to the North Pole since!)

Extreme Sports

An extreme adventure for two extremely intrepid Australian adventurers.

Cheryl and Nikki Bart reached the summit of Mount Everest on Saturday after encountering several obstacles along the way including having their communications gear temporarily confiscated amid the tight security of the ascent of the Beijing Olympic torch.

They are the first mother-daughter team to climb the world’s tallest mountain thereby creating their own little slice of history. Cheryl and her 23-year-old daughter Nikki reached the peak at 9.05am (AEST) yesterday (24th May) after setting out on April 1.

The pair – dubbed Oz Chicks with Altitude on their official website – have endured bitter cold and several delays on their 8,850 metre Himalayan ascent. Their website is well worth a visit.

They are the first mother/daughter team to complete the Seven Summits! While this is an historic event, the adventure is not over, as the descent is very dangerous. It…

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